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British Classic Soft Top Hoods

Posted in: Robbins Auto Tops
By Sam
Aug 21, 2009 - 7:03:25 AM

ETC is proud to supply the market with many Classic British Sports Car soft top hoods and accessories. Being a British Company we would not want to see our beloved British Soft Tops dwindle into the past in the same way that our motor industry has. Our range of car hoods includes aftermarket parts for Triumph, MG, Lotus and many more.

Here at ETC we are always pleased to see another British sports car come in for its new vehicle hood as this is normally one of the last items to be done during a refurbishment and the condition of the Triumphs and MGBs that we see is nothing short of fantastic. Finished with one of either our Cloth mohair soft tops or a more original PVC Vinyl hood they really stand out as being concourse quality cars with car hoods to match.

Classic convertible cars are part of who we are in Britain today and we are glad that some manufacturers, even if they are not british, have kept the soft top hoods alive in the form of Honda S2000, Mazda MX5 and Mercedes CLK to name but a few. As long as the motor trade make convertibles then ETC will be here making top quality vehicle hoods to keep them up to date.