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Mazda MX5 mk3 hood on mk1 and mk2.

Posted in: Robbins Auto Tops
Aug 25, 2010 - 3:50:37 AM

The new contemporary mk3 style Soft top hood for the mk1 and mk2.

The Mazda MK1 was first produced in 1990. It was such a success that in the UK they have sold thousands. Due to the success and demand for the MK1, the MK2 was introduced, soon followed by the MK3.


The MK2 is very similar but has had some changes in body style from the MK1, the most noticeable feature change being the move from pop up style headlights to the glass teardrop, with a number of interior and safety specification upgrades.

Then the Mazda MK3 came into production in 2005. The Mazda MX5 is still reviewed as one of the best budget soft top sports cars.

During the 2 decades the MX5 has evolved into what was already a great car to start with, into a fabulous car.  

The MK3 has had a facelift, offering sharper styling and numerous improvements to its already smooth driving experiences one of them being new stylish hood.

The MX5 now comes with a heated glass window in a “one piece design”. It also comes with a listing panel and hasn’t got any deck seams or a zip. This Soft top hood has a more contemporary feel than the original; it is neater and easier to function.


Fortunately at European trimming we are now supplying the MK3 Style hoods specifically for the MK1 and 2. These new style hoods are cheaper than the originals, but look more contemporary.