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ETC Soft Top Warranty

Posted in: ETC News
By Louise
Dec 4, 2009 - 3:04:07 PM

All Car Hoods bought from the European Trimming Company have a minimum soft top warranty period of 1 year, many of our car hoods however have a 3 year warranty. But what does this mean and what does it cover?

Often products come with a warranty, but it is rarely clear as to what they cover. This article is has been written to give you a better idea of what exactly you are entitled to from your ETC warranty.

The warranty on the products we supply is based upon the colour and type of material the product is made from and the length of time the product has been installed for. Depending on these factors, the warranty covers damage such as cracking, delamination and severe discolouration. The warranty however is not available for light coloured cloth hoods as these hoods do discolour alot easier than the darker colours.

Our warranty does NOT cover damage to the glass or plastic windows caused by failure to operate the car hood properly. It does not cover damage caused by abuse; accidental or intentional; damage during installation when the hood is not fitted at ETC or one of our approved trimmers, or damage caused by failure to use or replace side cables, rain rails or other original components.

If the hood is cleaned using improper cleaning techniques and/or cleaners the warranty is void. The warranty does not cover breakage of the glass after successful installation, but the warranty does cover failure of the bond of the topping to the glass or failure in the topping that causes the glass to not operate properly.

To break this down for you - if you order your hood from us then you are covered for all manufacturing problems and faulty products, but not for any damage caused once the hood has been successfully installed and tested.