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Preparing your Car Hoods for Winter

Posted in: ETC News
By Sam
Sep 11, 2009 - 7:11:24 AM

As we start to think about the Autumn and winter months we have been asked here at ETC by some of our vehicle hood customers if there are any specific measures they should take with their Soft Top in preparation for putting the convertible Hard Top on the car for the winter months. Well the short answer is give your vinyl or mohair hood a good clean then help the car hood as it folds away for the last time before summer.

This well do many things, firstly you will not have any grit or dust caught near your soft top window removing the possibility of scratches. Not only that but it will also mean that you are less likely to reveal your car hood next summer with stains or friction marks on it.

Especially important if you have a hood like those on the MX5 with a zip around the edge of the soft top window is to undo this zip and lay the window as flat as you can on the rear shelf before lowering the car hood onto it, again this will help prevent scratching and also damage to the bonding and stitching around the soft top window itself.

If you have any questions regarding the above or any other matter relating to your convertible hood then please contact one of our team on 01883 718530