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Replacing a Car Hood - Manual

Posted in: ETC News
By Louise
Nov 25, 2009 - 12:56:57 AM

Being the owner of a Soft Top car is always great, as long as the Car Hood functions properly. You can get many years of motoring out of your Soft Top, but the day will come when you finally have to replace your Car Hood. Replacing a Car Hood can be an expensive process, but like an MOT it needs to be done.

ETC realise that some Soft Top owners do not understand how involved it is to replace the Car Hood and the expertise needed to do it. In the coming months ETC will be producing a number of Hood Fitting Manuals showing exactly how a Soft Top is removed and replaced. Each step will be photographed and described, showing you exactly how a Car Hood is fitted.

For the brave and mechanically gifted amongst you it may even be a challenge to carry out the removal and fitting of your new Soft Top yourself. ETC however do not recommend this, as a lot of expertise and specialist tools are needed to replace a Car Hood. Soft Tops can be easily damaged if the correct procedure is not carried out properly and therefore we at ETC do not recommend replacing your Car Hood yourself.

ETC will be publishing Car Hood Replacement manuals on the ETC website as soon as possible. The first car to be covered will be the Mazda MX5.