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Replacing the Plastic Window in your Car Hood

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By Sam
Mar 24, 2011 - 3:18:35 PM

European Trimming Company Ltd do not only offer full Car Hoods, but are also able to replace your Plastic Rear Window, depending on the type of Car Hood it is.


Very often in spring temperatures such as now, plastic rear windows tear very easily. Hardly any pressure needs to be applied to your plastic window in order to cause damage to it so lowering your car hood can cause fatal damage. People tape it up, and hope for it not to leak – sadly this does not always work.


Here at ETC we are able to replace just the plastic rear window, depending on the type of car hood you have. On some cars the hoods are made out of 2 sections – the top and the rear section. If the rear window tears or breaks and it cannot be replaced, a whole new soft top rear section can be purchased and installed onto the car hood.


Sadly though, not all car hoods are as easily repairable as this, and need a complete new car hood. We do our best to provide you with as many options as possible, but when it comes things such as this; there is often only one option.


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